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Chevron Grant Application Guidelines Chevron is a multifaceted and geographically broad-based company. As we conduct our business in communities all over the world, we have multiple responsibilities
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Ontario Trillium Foundational agency of the Government of Ontario Hello and welcome to this presentation name is Claire Nolan, and I'm a program manager at the Ontario TrilliumFoundation I would like to start by expressing gratitude and appreciation for the indigenous people whose land we reside on At OF we know that our work and the work of our grantees takes place on indigenous territory across Ontario Today's session is Part 1 ActionAreas and Capital Projects What's the connection This is part one of atwo-part series One suggestion that I would like to make is to jot down any questions that you may have as we go along because you can follow up with us afterwards and book a one-to-one coaching appointment to get your questions answered So let's take a look at the agenda today We are going to start with the OF strategy, and we're going to talk about the capital grant results, and then we're going to share some basic information about the Capital stream A few words about our investment strategy and the Canadian index of well-being Historically gross domestic product or GDP has been used to measure the health of the economy but what it doesn't really do is tell us whether Canadians well-being is improving alongside the growth of Goethe Canadian index of well-being alongside the GDP provides Canadians with a fuller picture of well-being by measuring real life for real people using 8 domains that focus on key aspects of life Each domain has 8individual indicators for a total of 64 indicators And that's what you're seeing up on the screen there So how does OF strategy fit with the Canadian index of well-beingOTF's investment model focuses on 6 action areas and these action areas were chosen based on alignment with the 12 Canadian index of well-beingindicators These 12 Canadian index of well-being indicators act as our North Stars and they really help us achieve our vision in our granting OF'action areas define what we mean by healthy and vibrant communities They'recur vision and what we aspire to achieve through our investments Priority outcomes are what we aim to achieve as a result of our investments and they redefined by 2 or 3 grant results We will then be able to report on our progress towards achieving the priority outcomes in the medium-termby rolling up the grant level results from across the province Grant results are components that combined achieve the priority outcome and that can be measured through the use of specific indicators Each grant recipient will report back to OF on specific indicators or metrics associated with the grant result so that OF can gather and review the grant level results across the foundation in the short-term All right so let's start by looking at active people, and you'll notice that there are 2 grant results available here for capital The first one being infrastructure for unstructured and structured physical activities Our investment priority here of course is improved infrastructure for both unstructured and...
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